Magtaller Pirate Backpack

  • 38x32x23 cm
  • 600D Polyester, Print / Embroidery / Rubber Applique
  • rigid body and ergonomic backrest, repeating the natural curvature of the spine
  • the bottom of the EVA reliably protects the contents of the backpack from water and dirt;
  • adjustable shoulder straps
  • main compartment, with internal movable partition and organizer
  • two side pockets with zippers
  • reflective elements in front, side, on shoulder straps
  • branded plastic lock
  • weight – 930 g.


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Already in the first school years, children have to carry a lot of textbooks, notebooks, a work folder, writing instruments and, of course, an academic diary every day. Of all the stuff a schoolboy’s satchel is full of, things are worse with weighty textbooks. The average weight of a textbook is 600 grams, but some do not reach a kilogram of only 200 grams. Now it’s clear why in the first three years of school life, half of the children’s posture is disturbed. How to make life easier for your child, maintain correct posture, and make school days joyful?

The organic and smooth outline of the knapsack, combined with a solid molded design, an ergonomic backrest, and a roomy, thoughtful interior with low weight – all this is J-Flex.

A new series of satchels J-Flex – takes into account all the wishes of parents and continues a series of wonderful and beautiful models.


The J-Flex school satchel compares favorably with its weight, it is only 930 grams!

The size:

Height: 38 cm (fits A4 size folder and folder for work!)

Width: 32 cm

Depth: 23 cm


15 liters


  • Hard case. The J-Flex satchel has a rigid body, rounded at the edges. This means that a satchel with an ergonomic back will protect both the contents and the child himself. A rigid back does not put pressure on the back of the student.
  • The J-Flex satchel has a strong EVA bottom (innovative polymer material). Its use increases the wear resistance and frost resistance of the knapsack, which is not afraid of even the lowest winter temperatures, which is very important for the “special” climate of the northern countries. What is especially important, this is a modern, environmentally friendly and hygienic material that does not cause allergies in children and is resistant to bacteria. 
    Even if a child drops a satchel, puts it on the ground in snow, rain or even a puddle, things in it will never get wet and will not be remembered, thanks to the waterproof and durable material. Lightweight is the main advantage of EVA material. It is much lighter than other materials that are used in the manufacture of children’s products, which helps us to ensure the low weight of our satchels.
  • Rigid anatomical back. MagTaller’s J-Flex satchel has a special “ergonomic” backrest that follows the natural curve of the spine. The back of the satchel has protrusions and recesses on its surface, the shape of which is selected in such a way as to ensure optimal and maximum safe load distribution on the back of the child. 
    A properly distributed load on the spine in childhood significantly reduces the risk of further problems with this most important element of our body. In addition, the embossed surface promotes air circulation, improves ventilation and reduces sweating.
  • Wide anatomical s-shaped straps with reflective elements. The J-Flex satchel has straps with additional soft foam rubber pads. Due to this, as well as the increased width (6 cm), the straps do not cut into the shoulders of the child. This means that the load on the spine of the child is distributed optimally even with a sufficiently large weight of the satchel, the pressure on the skin is reduced, and the microcirculation of the blood is not disturbed.
  • The straps of the knapsack have the ability to adjust, which allows you to adjust the satchel to the growth of the child. MagTaller knapsack straps are very durable and securely attached to the knapsack, which eliminates their separation.
  • Special hooks for attaching the free ends of the straps.

Pockets and inside compartments

  • Large internal compartment, separated by a movable partition with a soft lining to ensure greater safety of the contents of the satchel. It contains an A4 format folder and a folder for work.
  • 2 capacious side pockets with a zipper for containers with drinks.
  • An organizer with many compartments offers additional space for pens, a mobile phone, etc. It is equipped with a special “breathing” compartment on the mesh with a zipper.

Convenient details

  • Soft rubber grip with anti-slip surface.
  • Corporate plastic lock is adapted for children’s hands – it is easy to close and open.
  • Wear-resistant, thick canvas satchel with signature MagTaller logo.

Unique reflective protection system

In the dark, the driver perceives only 5% of the information recorded during the day. Reflectors used in the manufacture of MagTaller satchels will make your child visible even in the dark. A feature of MagTaller reflectors is the fact that they are noticeable not only from afar, but also in any weather, even inclement weather. Whether it is rain, snow, rain or fog, these elements will be visible to the driver, and he will be able to react in time if the child decides to cross the road.

The experience of using reflective elements in European countries has long confirmed their effectiveness.

The J-Flex satchel combines 2 types of reflectors:

  • Reflective elements on the shoulder straps and front of the case.
  • Edging of the seams of the knapsack case and side pockets of reflective materials.

It is known that the human brain is guided by the contours and forms already known to it. The thoughtful placement of reflective materials on MagTaller rucksacks helps speed up the recognition process, and the location of reflective elements around the perimeter allows you to make the satchel visible from all sides.

Safe and durable fabrics

The MagTaller J-Flex satchel is made of abrasion resistant and water-repellent 100% high density polyester 600d. The polyester satchel holds its shape well, lasts longer and is easy to clean. Polyester dries quickly and passes air well. The fabric does not fade in the sun, it does not face moth and other pests.

MagTaller’s use of synthetic hypoallergenic materials minimizes the risk of a child becoming allergic to wearing a knapsack.


Thanks to the use of high quality materials and additional reinforcing stitches that sew all the places that bear the main load, the MagTaller satchel retains a presentable appearance and functionality for at least several years of active use.

When applying prints, only high-quality paints are used that do not lose their brightness under the influence of sunlight and other weather factors.


Every season, MagTaller designers try to surprise us with their ideas by analyzing the latest trends in the fashion world.

Well-designed details, vivid prints – everything is done to make your kids’ satchels beautiful and interesting, and school everyday life easier, colorful and fun.

J-Flex designs are motifs loved by children from all over the world: graceful wild animals, charming teddy bears and fairy fairies, hearts for girls; rucksacks with automobile and football subjects – for boys.

Execution options

For your convenience, J-Flex models with filling and models without it are presented.

Filling option: a pencil case filled with 27 items of high quality MagTaller production (felt-tip pens (10 pcs), colored (10 pcs) and black lead pencils (2 pcs), 15 cm ruler, pen, sharpener, eraser and lesson schedule), and a roomy bag for removable shoes made of durable fabric with a special mesh to ensure air exchange.

The satchel, pencil case and bag for shoes are made in the same style and are a ready-made kit that allows you to solve the problem of selecting a uniform set of design in preparing the child for the school season.


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