Care Guide


  • Kindly follow care instructions on the garment label as recommended by the manufacturers
  • We recommend washing and drying garments inside out
  • If ironing is required please ensure the temperature is set according to the fabric category
  • Pleated uniforms should be ironed with the pleats in consideration
  • Excess heat from Irons and tumble drying are the main reasons uniforms are damaged
  • Allowing garments to dry naturally is always best and tumble drying should only be done strictly following the temperature guideline on the uniform care label.


  • Store in a dry cool place
  • To clean, wipe with a dry clean cloth
  • Apply wax polish for leather shoes
  • Aerate your school shoes at least once a week
  • Do not wear wet socks or leave your dirty socks in your shoes
  • Avoid using your leather school shoes for hardcore outdoor sports