Sofdough Birthday Play Dough Play Set Featuring Multi-layered Cake Balloons Candles and More

  • Mould your special birthday greeting
  • Make your own party hats and gift boxes
  • Invitation cards for your friends and family and Make believe balloons and candles
  • Not recommended for children below 3 years


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Sofdough Fun for Everyone

It\’s party time! Now you can celebrate your birthday or your friend\’s birthday any day you feel like! Sofdough Birthday Kit comes with all that you need to have a blast. Make and decorate your own multi-layered cake, balloons and candles.

  • Brand: Sofdough
  • Recommended Age: Three years and above
  • Contents: 1no. Cake Top Mould (with the words Happy Birthday engraved at the bottom), 1no. Circular Flower Shaped Cake Layer Mould, 1no. Name Board Mould (with numbers engraved at the back), 1no. Name Board Base Mould, 1no. 3D Candle Book Mould, 1no. 3D Balloon Book Mould , 1no. Cake Slice Holder, 1no. Sofdough Knife, 3nos. Triangular Shaped Serving Plate, 1no. Sofdough Extruder, 1no. Extruder Strip, 1no. Cake Base Strip (board cutout), 3nos. Paper Gift Box (to be assembled), 3nos. Invitation card – Happy Birthday, 1no. Happy Birthday Sign (sticker), 3nos. Paper Party Hat (to be assembled), 4nos. Sofdough Tub (approx. 50gms.), Instructions
  • Ideal For: Boys and girls

Safety Warning

Ages 3 and up Notice to parents: Contains wheat. Nontoxic. Conforms to EN71 standard.

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