With schools closing indefinitely due to corona virus, parents are scrambling to figure out easy ways to keep their children entertained while continuing their learning at home temporarily.

It is only natural for parents to have conflicting emotions like, “Yippie, my kids are safe at home and “Yikes, how will they learn?”.  At this point, you tend to appreciate teachers even more.

This forced school closing won’t be easy, as the home can never look or feel like a classroom and so buckling down for hours at a desk isn’t realistic.

Firstly, don’t panic, the following are easy ways to keep your kids educated and entertained while schools are closed.

  1. Set a Schedule

Be intentional about the kind of the activities you want your children to engage in and include this in your schedule.  You can  alternate an hour of academic time with an hour of creative time. You can also include movie time or any other relaxing activity.

2. Reading Time:

Bear in mind that most schools are yet to have their second term examinations, so reading will help them prepare for the exams when schools eventually resume. To also keep up literacy skills, at least 30 minutes a day on books that the kids are interested in should be encouraged. Sitting on the floor, stretching out on the sofa, or standing up to read can all make the task more engaging and interesting.

3. Learning a Skill:

Basic skills such as creativity skills can also be encouraged for kids to learn, such as painting, learning how to play a musical instrument or something your kid has always looked forward to learning.


4. House Chores Engagement:

Encouraging them to do chores, such as laying their beds, washing dishes, sweeping and the likes could also be a part of fun to them.

5. Educate your kids on “Coronavirus”. 

Your kids should know the reason why they are home, and ensuring they stay safe during this period, even at home.

6. Unplug

They need time to breathe. We can call this session, break time. Where they can watch TV, play board games, computer games and the likes.


The activities that excite kids tend to be the ones they learn from most easily and if it’s engaging, they’re going to learn from it. We’re so used to being ‘stuck on standards’ that creative activities can be a welcome change.

Whew!!! Breathe. This at-home break will end pretty soon and life will eventually return to normal. But in the meantime, let’s spark learning that lasts a lifetime.


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