Proworks Cycle Lock

  • 5-digit combination lock, giving you a choice of 100,000 lock combinations.
  • Black Color
  • Length 1.2 metres. Weight: 0.36kg.
  • Galvanised steel cable for effective theft prevention.
  • Supplied with a push-button release clamp for frame/seat post mounting.
  • Anti-scratch cable cover with self-coil design for ease of use.


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Our very own bike lock delivers anti-theft protection you can count on! Each bicycle lock from Proworks features an ultra-high strength steel cable: incredibly tough to cut – and enough to stop thieves in their tracks.

These bike locks are secured with a powerful 5-digit combination (10x more powerful than a standard 4 digit lock). You can select & set your own number with ease, while a handy post clamp means you can transport the cycle lock with zero hassle.


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