Proworks Swimming Cap

  • One-size swimming cap for adults & teens, suitable for long & short hair.
  • Shaped for a super-snug fit.
  • High grade silicone build: Resistant to tearing, chlorine & salt water degradation.
  • UV-resistant, non-toxic and odourless.
  • Glossy finish: Keeps you visible and reduces the risk of collision.


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For your regular swim, triathlon training, spa weekend or holiday dip, the Proworks Swimming Cap has you safely covered!

This swimming hat for women & men is made from tough silicone fabric – so it’s resistant to tearing as you pull it over your head. What’s more, the ‘smart stretch’ design on these swimming caps responds automatically to the shape of your head. Looking for swimming hats for women with long hair? This cap is a smart choice!

Chlorine, sand, salt and water pollutants can all irritate the scalp and damage your hair. This swimming cap helps shield you from these “nasties” – letting you enjoy the water with confidence.


Aqua, Blue, Pink, Red


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