ULesson is the first of its kind in Africa. An organisation that leverages media and technology to create high-quality, affordable and accessible education for African students. A platform that helps students be the very best they can be – an app that allows them to maximize their academic achievement and prepare for a future in various disciplines and subjects.

The uLesson app offers students in SS1, SS2 and SS3 a holistic learning experience in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology preparing them for Senior Secondary School Exams such as WAEC, NECO, GCE exams.

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uLesson is an education technology business whose mission is to deliver high-quality, affordable, and accessible education to all Africans. Our app hosts thousands of educational video tutorials that combine quality lessons delivered by experts in education, with digital animation and illustration to help explain key concepts; thereby, providing students with a learning experience that is unprecedented in its richness, scope, interactivity and effectiveness. uLesson is aimed at delivering better learning outcomes and improving performance on national tests for learners across Africa.

You can download the ‘uLesson’ app for free on Google Playstore, and sign-up to begin your free trial (NOTE: this will require streaming and gives you access to limited number of videos). If you would like unlimited access to uLesson’s entire content library, Fill the form below and make payments into our account (see below).

Once your payment has been received and processed, we will convert your account to premium. If you purchased a dongle with your subscription (uLesson Plus), we will ship the uLesson study pack to you within 24hours, and you can enjoy all our content without worrying about expensive streaming and data costs.

Absolutely! While uLesson’s vast library of national and regional past question papers and solutions makes it an ideal product in helping to prepare a learner for critical exams, our service is much more than a test preparation tool. The thousands of curriculum relevant video tutorials are designed to provide learners with a better and richer learning experience by personalising the way they learn and making the process fun and enriching.

The termination date of your subscription depends on which of the two packages you purchase i.e. an academic year package or a single term package.

For any of the two packages, if you buy a subscription one (1) month to the end of the subscription period, you will pay the full price of the package and your subscription ends after the end of that period. However, if you buy a subscription less than a month to the end of the period, you will get one month free and your subscription will end at the end of the next subscription period.

So, for example, if you buy a single term subscription in November, your subscription term will expire at the end of December. However, if you buy the same subscription package in December, we will give you the December subscription for free and your subscription will end at the end of the next period i.e. on April 30.

Every uLesson Study Pack contains a set of dongles (a USB-Mini and a USB-C), three SD cards (each containing academic content for a single class/grade), an instruction manual, and other uLesson memorabilia).

There are many benefits to using uLesson, key amongst these are:

  • Access to thousands of high-quality curriculum-relevant video tutorials, which are further enhanced by the use of digital animation and illustration to help a learner grasp critical – and sometimes complex – concepts;
  • The ability of a learner to learn at his/her own pace;
  • Rich data analytics that allow a learner, as well as his/her parents/guardians, to monitor and assess progress across subjects and/or specific topics;
  • Marginal data costs implications (for uLesson Plus subscribers);
  • A fun and exciting new way to learn, which complements more traditional forms of teaching.

Yes. Currently, uLesson’s product is available for use only on android smartphones and tablets.

  1. If you are a paid subscriber on uLesson’s app, you are able to enjoy access to our full content library without worrying about streaming hiccups and expensive data costs as long as you choose the option on the app to ‘Stream with Dongle’ and insert your dongle and SD card into your phone.When you do it, it is still important, however, for your data services to be left on, in order the app to work optimally. Please note that this WILL NOT use any of your data to stream videos.

    The only times you will have to worry about using a little bit of data is when you initially download the app, as well as occasional times when we need you to connect your phone to the internet so we can download the users’ data analytics and authenticate your subscription – which ensures we are able to keep you up to date on your progress and performance.

    NOTE: As a paid subscriber, you can choose to access the app without plugging in your dongle i.e. when you choose ‘Stream with Data’ on the app; but this will come at a cost to your data.


Your subscription will be activated as soon as your payment has cleared. And, your study pack will be shipped to you within 24 hours of payment confirmation. You have the option to begin streaming the content online while you wait for your pack to be delivered.

If your subscription has not been automatically activated and/or you want to confirm the status of your online payment, please email websales@schoolkitsng.com to inquire and one of our representatives will be able to help you.

We ship uLesson Study Packs to customers within 24 hours of confirming payment. If your shipping address is in Nigeria, this pack will be delivered to your chosen address within 24-48 hours (nationwide).

Yes, we will be happy to replace your SD card or any other items in your study pack. The only requirement is that you pay for the cost and shipment of the item(s).

Please call our customer service department on +234 906 288 8505 or email websales@schoolkitsng.com, and we will be happy to process this request for you.

All accounts are automatically upgraded following payment confirmation. If after 24 hours of payment, your account is still not upgraded, Please call our customer service department on +234 906 288 8505 or email websales@schoolkitsng.com, and we will look into this request for you.

You are entitled to a refund/return request within 15 days. After the expiry of this period, any refund/return request will not be processed.

If you are still within the allowed refund/return request window, give us a call or email us and we will process this request immediately. Please allow five (5) business days for your money to be returned to you.

You are able to change your phone number in the uLesson App. Click on the ‘Menu option’ at the top right hand corner of the screen (denoted as with this symbol, ☰). On the screen that pops up, click on user name (i.e. your name). A screen will pop up; click on the ‘Edit’ option at the top right hand corner of the screen (denoted by a pencil illustration), and you should be able to edit your personal information.

You have 15 days post the delivery of your uLesson pack to check for missing items. If during this time, you notice that an item is missing, Please call our customer service department on +234 906 288 8505 or email websales@schoolkitsng.com, and we will get the missing items shipped to you immediately.


This often happens when you have not properly inserted your SD card into the dongle and/or when your dongle has not been properly inserted into your phone. If after taking both actions, you are still having issues with your SD card being read, Please call our customer service department on +234 906 288 8505 or email websales@schoolkitsng.com, and we will look into this for you.

When you are trying to switch from one class/grade library to another to watch videos using the dongle and SD card, you will need to first remove the dongle from your phone, then swap the SD cards before reinserting the dongle with the SD card into your phone. If after taking this action, you are still having issues with your SD card being read, Please call our customer service department on +234 906 288 8505 or email websales@schoolkitsng.com, and we will look into this for you.

PAYMENT DETAILS: Schoolkits Limited 4960281049 (FCMB)

Note: Package will be delivered only after payment is confirmed and no payment on delivery.

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